Loretto Scottish Boys & Girls Under 14 Open Championship

Loretto Scottish Boys & Girls Under 14 Open Championship

10, August 2014

CSS Round 1: Boys 70, Girls 72

CSS Round 2: Boys 71, Girls 73

This Championship is jointly run by the SGU and SLGA for leading under 14 male and female golfers. First contested in 2001, the event is the youngest national age group championship in Scotland, which also features an U12 category within.

The event has been greatly supported by the Loretto School Golf Academy who have been sponsors since 2004 and attracts talented young golfers from across the UK. Bradley Neil, one of the rising stars of the Scottish amateur game, won back-back titles in 2009-10.  Having started its life as an 18-hole event, the championship was extended to 36 holes in 2012 with an expanded field size.

VENUE: Bothwell Castle

Bothwell Castle is a lovely parkland golf course located in the central belt of Scotland with a long-standing reputation for excellent greens. It opened re-modelled holes earlier this year, with leading golfers Stephen Gallacher, Ian Woosnam and Pamela Pretswell in attendance.


Region Lanarkshire
Start 10, Aug 2014
End 11, Aug 2014
Handicap Limit Boys 18.4 (Ballot confirmed 8.3) | Girls 36 (Ballot confirmed 11.6)
Age Requirement Under 14 @ 1 January 2014
Format 36 holes of stroke play over two days.
Field size Boys 84 | Girls 42
1 CONDITIONS OF PLAY (a) The Championship shall be stroke play in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by R&A Rules Limited and with the SGU Hard Card with supplementary local rules as approved by the Championship Committee. It is a 36 hole stroke play championship. 18 holes shall be played on each of two days. (b) The championship will be under the charge of the Championship Committee of Scottish Golf Union Limited (3 members forming a quorum) to whom all disputes will be referred and whose decision shall be final. The committee reserves the right to amend the conditions of the championship. (c) The winner of the championship shall be the competitor who returns the lowest score for 36 holes and shall be the Scottish Boys Under 14 Champion for the year. The Douglas Forsyth Trophy will be presented to the champion and shall be held by the club from which he entered. It is the responsibility of the champion to ensure that the trophy is returned to SGUL at least 6 weeks prior to the championship, however SGUL have the right to request the return of the trophy at any time. The winner shall receive a silver gilt medal. (d) In the event of a tie after 2 rounds, the championship shall be decided by a hole by hole play-off which shall take place immediately. In the event of a tie for 2nd place, the count-out formula will be applied and a silver medal will be presented. The count-out formula will comprise the lowest 18 hole total from the final days play, and if still a tie the last 9, 6, 3 or 1 hole of the last full round, and if still a tie, hole by hole match play using the score in the last full round. Those tying for 3rd place will receive a bronze medal. (e) The Gibson Trophy will be awarded to the competitor under 12 years at 00:01 hours on 1 January 2014 who returns the best total over 36 holes. In the event of a tie the count-out formula as per 1(d) will apply. (f) A handicap prize will also be awarded to the competitor who returns the lowest handicap score for 36 holes. In the event of a tie the count out formula (as per d) above) will apply. A competitor may only win one prize with the scratch prize being higher ranked than the handicap prize. (g) Withdrawals will not be accepted at any time unless confirmed by email, fax or letter. A competitor failing to notify SGUL by this method before 17:00 on Friday 8 August will be subject to an automatic ban of up to two years from all SGUL events. Only in exceptional circumstances and on formal appeal to the Championship Committee will the ban be lifted. (h) In the event of a competitor having to withdraw after the closing date, the entry fee will not be refunded. (i) The specimen conditions in the Rules of Golf (Pages 137 & 138) are in effect regarding conforming driver heads and conforming golf balls. (j) SGUL has a doping policy, copies of which are available on request from the SGUL office. As part of this policy a player shall not make use of any drug to enhance his performance. The Championship Committee reserve the right to require a player to undergo a drugs test both in and out of competition. A positive test or failure to undertake such a test, will result in disqualification from the championship and the player would then be subject to SGUL disciplinary procedures, a copy of which is also available from the SGUL office. Competitors who are on medication and in doubt as to their clinical status should seek advice from SGUL. (k) No caddies are allowed. (l) A competitor is not permitted to withdraw at any stage of the championship except for emergency reasons or medical circumstances explained to and deemed acceptable by the Championship Committee. A competitor failing to notify the Championship Committee in person of his withdrawal before departing the championship venue will be subject to an automatic ban of up to two years from all SGUL events. Only in exceptional circumstances and on formal appeal will the ban be lifted. (m) Players must walk at all times during a stipulated round, unless authorised by a member of the committee, or permission to use a buggy has been granted in accordance with the SGU Transportation Policy. (n) A copy of the full pace of play conditions will be posted at the championship and will be available on request. (o) SGUL arranges publicity before and during the championship in the press and by live and recorded radio and television broadcasting and filming and on the Internet. Each competitor by entering the championship and by agreeing to these terms and conditions assigns to SGUL and its assignees and licensees the right in perpetuity throughout the world to make, use, exhibit and reproduce in any way now known or hereafter devised (and to authorise others to do so) for commercial and other purposes from time to time and at their discretion, motion pictures, still pictures, live taped or filmed television, sound recordings and any other reproductions of any description of the competitor made during or in connection with the championship (including, without limitation, during practice and play) without compensation for the competitor or the heirs, successors, executors, administrators or assignees of the competitor. The competitor also assigns the right to use and reproduce the competitor’s name, voice, likeness and biographical material in any way now known or hereafter devised by SGUL for the purpose of promoting the championship and any subsequent championships, without compensation for the competitor or the heirs, successors, executors, administrators or assignees of the competitor including in circumstances where it may include the logo of a third party or of a sponsor or patron of the championship or any subsequent championship or any other activities undertaken by SGUL. Notwithstanding the foregoing grant of rights, SGUL and its assignees and licensees agree that, other than as permitted above, they will not authorise any company contractually associated with SGUL to use the competitor’s name, voice, likeness and biographical material in any way which constitutes the endorsement of a product or service, without first requiring such associated company to obtain the competitor’s authorisation. 2 QUALIFICATION To be eligible entrants must be (a) male and of amateur status as defined by R&A Rules Limited, a declaration to that effect being in the entry form, (b) under the age of 14 years on 00:01 hours on 1 January 2014, (c) in possession of a handicap NOT EXCEEDING EIGHTEEN STROKES (exact 18.4) under the current CONGU Unified Handicapping System or the handicapping scheme adopted in the country from which the entrant has entered on the date that the entry form is certified by the secretary of the entrant’s home club. A valid CONGU handicap in Scotland, Wales and England is a CONGU Competition or Active Handicap. PLEASE NOTE: COMPETITORS HOLDING BOTH A CONGU AND OVERSEAS AUTHORITY HANDICAP MUST ENTER THE CHAMPIONSHIP USING THEIR CONGU HANDICAP. Players entering with a USGA handicap, or a handicap from a country adopting the USGA Handicap System will be required to have held a USGA Handicap Index for a continual period of 3 years or more. Exception: A player who has held a USGA Handicap Index for less than 3 years will be considered for entry if their last held handicap under a recognised handicapping system would gain entry under the ballot system. THE EXACT HANDICAP CERTIFIED ON THE DATE OF ENTRY WILL BE USED FOR ALL PURPOSES i.e. No change of handicap will be accepted, even if prior to the closing date. 3 ENTRIES (a) An entrant who is a member of a golf club in Great Britain or Ireland must enter through the secretary of his home club and the entry must be made on this form. (b) An entrant from outwith Great Britain and Ireland must enter on this form through the Secretary of the recognised authority controlling golf in the country from which he wishes to enter and his entry must be accompanied by a declaration signed by the Secretary that he is eligible in accordance with the qualifications set out above. (c) The starting field shall be 84 and in the event of an over-entry the number shall be reduced in order of exact handicap. Entrants who have failed to gain entry will be allocated to a reserve list by order of handicap. Reserves may be able to compete subject to subsequent withdrawals. Refund of entry fees will be issued to those entrants who fail to gain entry within 28 days of the final day of the championship. (d) Entries must be sent to SGUL accompanied by the entry fee of £24. No receipt of entry will be issued. Updated entry lists will be available for entrants to view on If a player withdraws before or after the closure of entries, their withdrawal is final and re-entry will not be allowed. (e) All entries are subject to the approval of the Championship Committee of SGUL who reserve the right to refuse or accept or, having accepted, subsequently reject any entry and shall not be called upon to give any reason for their action. (f) SGUL will not be responsible for forms which are lost or damaged in the post/electronically or for forms which arrive after the closing date. (g) Entries close on Thursday 10 July 2014. 4 REGISTRATION Competitors must register on Saturday 9 August between 10.00 and 17.00, either in person at the SGUL mobile office or other designated location or by telephone. Failure to register by this time will result in the player forfeiting their place, which will be offered to a reserve. By order of the SGUL Championship Committee, January 2014
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Entry Fee Boys £24
Enter Online  
Current Champion 2013 Charlie Strickland (Ham Manor) | Shannon McWilliam (Aboyne)
Closing Date Jul 10, 2014
Next Year 9-10 August, TBC