Better Together For Clubs as New Buying Group Launched

A new Buying Group has been launched by Scottish Golf aimed at making cost savings for clubs across key categories of their spending.

The Scottish Golf Buying Group is a partnership between the governing body and Golf Management Group (GMG) in Scotland which will harness the collective buying power of the clubs to deliver significant discounts across a range of commonly used goods and services in the industry.

The new free of charge service – waiving GMG’s standard annual fee – will be opt-in for clubs, but provides the opportunity to access the Buying Group’s team of procurement experts, who will assist with core categories of expenditure, offering best practice advice and generating maximum savings. One of the key features is the impressive Contracts Manager tool, which provides online support to clubs for service and utility contracts, alerting the club when a contract is up for renewal and sourcing best pricing with new or existing suppliers, helping clubs to save time and money.

Malcolm Kpedekpo, Non-Executive Director for Finance, announced the initiative at Saturday’s AGM

Malcolm Kpedekpo, Scottish Golf’s Non-Executive Director for Finance, made the announcement at Saturday’s AGM:

“The new Buying Group service has been created in response to feedback from many clubs who wanted help with cost savings. Expenditure on areas such as energy, other utilities and waste management has increased significantly in recent years, and we knew the collective purchasing power of our clubs could help address this.

“GMG Scotland were already experts in this area with a proven track record at making cost savings for clubs and the technology to help us deliver it. They know the industry well and have developed trusted relationships with the many clubs they are already working with.  It makes sense to develop a partnership with them and the more clubs we can get using the service, the better pricing we can negotiate with the suppliers.”

“We are committed to providing the right support to clubs to help grow their businesses and increase the value we offer for club affiliation fees. This is an important area for us and we would encourage clubs to sign up to the service.” he added.

Affiliated clubs can register for the new Buying Group service via the Scottish Golf website’s club services section, which will initiate contact from a dedicated account manager, who will work with clubs to procure the best prices from the categories a club opts into.

Ian Howieson the GMG Scotland Area Manager welcomed the new partnership: “Every club is different but we would expect to generate savings of at least £3,000 per annum for those clubs engaging in at least three our top six categories. Over the past 12 months for example, clubs have been making average savings of 17% in each category.”

“As an experienced PGA professional and golf business consultant myself I know the golf industry well. We currently look after nearly 100 clubs in Scotland at present and I can fully relate to the challenges and issues faced by club managers and committees.

“We’re looking forward to working with many more clubs in Scotland under the Scottish Golf Buying Group banner and confident our support in working alongside Scottish Golf can make a significant difference to clubs and find the solutions to help them.”

Clubs which are already members of the GMG Services in Scotland will now have this service provided free of charge as part of this new partnership.

One of GMG’s existing customers is Cruden Bay and Club Manager Les Durno is keen to encourage his peers to join the new buying group: “We signed up to GMG three years ago and they have delivered significant savings for the club, particularly with gas and electricity. The Contracts Manager software is excellent and straightforward to use and the whole process is painless. We no longer need to waste time reviewing options from various suppliers, confident in the knowledge that GMG are sourcing the best deals.”

Key categories managed by the Scottish Golf Buying Group will include utilities, refuse collection, washroom services, catering, health and safety, HR, telecoms and coffee.

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