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Customer Feedback Tracker

Customer Feedback Tracker

In the current climate there has never been a more important time to understand how your golf club is performing in the eyes of your customers, be they members or visitors.

Gathering feedback from your customers is a commonplace practice in all businesses and should be a regular activity at your club. The results of the feedback will help chart trends; provide data to plan areas for improvement in customer experience as well as demonstrating the improvements you are making in your club.

Scottish Golf have developed an online tool to help clubs seek and track feedback from their customers. The Customer Feedback Tracker is very simple to use and can be tailored to suit the questions you want to ask. Just select the questions you wish to ask, upload your contacts and launch to your members and visitors.

Features of this fantastic tool include:

  • A wide range of questions that cover all areas of your club.
  • Automated launch and collation of the surveys into reports and graphs.
  • Meaningful analysis reports and graphs.
  • Ability to benchmark your club’s customer feedback against regional and national averages.
  • Option to identify members who would be willing to volunteer at your club.

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For more information, guidance in using the Customer Feedback Tracker or to get your club’s login details, contact your Scottish Golf Club Development Officer.