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Scottish Golf Education Partnership

Nine different organisations that deliver some form of educational provision to clubs and the golf industry have joined forces with representation from Higher Education to form the Scottish Golf Education Partnership.  Increasingly, the various bodies and public agencies with an interest in Scottish Golf are working more closely together to the benefit of the golf industry and this initiative is an excellent example of this.

The objective is to provide appropriate and coordinated education to golf clubs – the golf industry providing coordinated education to industry. This should result in fewer date clashes and avoid duplication of topics.  Accordingly, individuals working in the industry will be able to have a much clearer view of what education is on offer.

The organisations involved are as follows:

Quick wins include a shared calendar of events, Golf Education Calendar, and agreement to avoid date clashes.  Each organisation has committed to exploring shared seminars and establishing a shared CPD system.

If you are not currently registered to access the Golf Education Calendar, please contact

Andrew Travers

Club Services Administrator