Get into Golf

Get into Golf is an initiative designed to help introduce new players to the game in a fun and welcoming environment, appealing to people who have never played golf but like the idea of giving it a go!

The initiative is brought to you by a partnership between the Scottish Golf and Professional Golfers’ Association, working together to grow the game in Scotland. 

Why Should Your Club Get into Golf?

We are more than aware that membership numbers are falling and we are looking at ways of attracting new members and a new generation of players into our clubs. The traditional model of membership is also being challenged, as consumers spend their time and money in a different way.

Get into Golf targets adults who have never tried golf before, or who may have played as a youngster but not in adult life. We will help you identify key steps in planning a successful programme to attract more first time golfers into coaching and membership at your club.

Is your club looking to attract new members? The Get into Golf programme will help your club to attract adult beginners by promoting group coaching sessions run by your PGA professional, PGA assistant or Volunteer Coaches at your club. From our pilot studies, the programme is proven to help clubs introduce beginners to the game through coaching and introductory membership models.

What do we provide clubs? 

  • Coaching Resources developed by the PGA – to help your club run its coaching sessions.
  • Club Toolkit – to help your club consider important themes such as who to target, what to offer and how to communicate your message.
  • Case Studies – highlighting introductory membership structures, marketing templates and highlights from our previous pilot clubs.

Making Get into Golf a Success at your Club 

It’s important that your committee and members understand the importance of attracting new golfers into your club and get behind the Get into Golf programme. To highlight some of the benefits, we’ve designed a handy Get into Golf guide to showcase why your club should get involved.

Sign your club up today!