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2 Man Betterball Open

2 Man Betterball Open

31, August 2019

Teams of 2 players each with a handicap limit of 24

ClubBalbirnie Park Golf Club
Region Fife
Start 31, Aug 2019
End 31, Aug 2019
Handicap Limit 24
CONDITIONS OF COMPETITION 1. The Competition is open to amateur golfers who hold a valid Congu Handicap and will be played as per the Rules of the R. & A., but subject to local rules. 2. The format of the competition is Betterball, team comprising of 2 players each receiving a stroke allowance of 90% of their handicaps. 3. Applications for entry, can be done ONLINE, at our Web-Site, or alternatively through the Club Professional. Applications must be received with Entry Fee (payable to B.P.G.C.), and must include details of Name, Address, Home Golf Club and Handicap (Handicap Certificates may be asked for on the day of the Competition). Preferred starting times should also be indicated. Late Entries will be accepted if available. 4. Due to the sponsorship by Belhaven, restriction for entry is to over 18 years of age. 5. No competitor will be eligible to win more than one prize. In the event of a tie, the winner will be decided on the last 9, then last 6, then last 3, if required. The ‘Competition Committee’ reserves the right to reject any entry, to alter or amend any rules, and to decide finally, any disputes which may arise. The Committee’s and or Match Referee on the day decision in all disputes will be final and binding. 6. The Trophies shall remain the property of Balbirnie Park Golf Club, and shall be retained in the Clubhouse. 7. The draw of Tee-off times will be posted on the Club Web-Site. 8. In the event of a withdrawal of a competitor within 7 days of the event, the entry fee may be forfeited. 9. The Club operates a Ride On Buggy Policy and any competitors who intend to use a buggy on the day should contact for further details before entering.
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Entry Fee £30 per team
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