The game of golf is one of Scotland’s most visible icons, played in nearly every community in the country, from the Shetland Islands in the North to Southerness in the South; from Machrie in the West to Crail in the East.

Golf can be played by everyone – men and women, young and old, professionals and amateurs – and is one of the few sports that can be enjoyed for an entire lifetime. Golf can be enjoyed on a social basis, among friends or colleagues, or highly competitively at club, area or national level.

Scottish Golf aims to make the game as accessible as possible for everyone. Scotland boasts one of the highest number of golf clubs and courses per head capita in the world, meaning that it’s easy to find a golf club near you.

Scottish Golf is supported by a healthy and vibrant club membership across Scotland and we encourage people to become part of our golfing family by joining a local golf club.

Our Players section is therefore split into three areas to cater for all levels of golfer, from top amateurs, to club members to those keen on picking up a club for the first time.

Get playing!