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Why Play Golf

Why Play Golf

Golf courses might have hills, slopes and bunkers, but the game itself is the ultimate level playing field. Literally, almost anyone can play.

From age 3 to 103, male and female, in the city and the country, disabled and blind – all can enjoy a round. You can play in a group or on your own. And thanks to handicapping, a beginner can have an exciting game with a pro. There aren’t many sports where that’s the case!

The basic idea is so simple – hit a ball into a hole with a club. But from that simple idea comes an infinite variety of games, courses, holes, types of shots, and tactics. You can play for 50 years and still be learning about the game – and yourself!

It’s easy to take up. Coaching is widely available to get you off to the best possible start. Taking up golf can be life-changing – you’ll make loads of new friends and you can play for the rest of your life.

The game is played in the fresh air, amid trees, by beaches and over (hopefully) rivers. Golf keeps you fit, rewards skill and helps you build concentration. Finally, golf is fun! Give it a go and see for yourself.