Academy – FAQs

The Scottish Golf Academy is the national development programme for Scotland’s talented young golfers.

Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Academy:

When can I nominate myself for the Academy?

Performance Academy nominations will open on Monday 22 July 2019 & close Monday 19 August 2019. Scottish Golf tracks players progress throughout the year after a nomination is made.

How many Scottish Golf Academy Coaches are there?

Including the Scottish Golf National & Regional Performance Coaches, there are 8 Coaches. This is made up of 4 National Coaches and 4 Regional Performance Coaches.

What is a Scottish Golf Regional Performance Coach?

A Scottish Golf Regional Performance Coach is a coach that works together with you and your existing coach (if you have one) to help you reach your full potential.

I have a personal coach, that I would like to stay with, can I do that?

Yes you can. You will still be assigned a regional performance coach for your Scottish Golf Academy programme. Our aim is to create a working team to help you with your performance development plan.

What qualifications do the National Coaches and Regional Performance Coaches have?

All are required to be qualified to the latest UKCC qualifications, Emergency First Aid in Sport, Safeguarding Children in Sport, and all Scottish Golf Coaches are part of the Scottish Golf PVG Disclosure scheme.

If I have a personal coach, why am I allocated a Regional Performance Coach as well?

The Regional  Performance coach will oversee your golf performance and training plan, results and use key statistics gathered from competition and practice to build an effective plan for improvement in competitions.

Will I have to travel far to my coaching?

You may be required to travel based on your assigned regional performance coach and residential camp locations.

What happens if I miss some coaching sessions?

The Regional Performance Coach will be in contact with their players every month, so missed sessions should be communicated in advance if possible. However, you should make yourself available for Performance Days and Residential Training Camps.

Do I get individualised coaching or group coaching?

Performance Days take place in groups at your Academy location and will aim to target player’s areas of development. We recognise that all player’s areas of development are different and this is why we track and monitor your progress throughout the year.

Will the coaches come and see me play?

The Regional Performance Coaches will do so as part of their role.