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Regions and Forums

Regions and Forums

The amalgamation proposal contained commitments to consider further the issue of regions and forums. Following a Board Meeting on 25 November, it was agreed that a working group will be established to consider this matter.

The amalgamation proposal outlined two key points in relation to Regions and Forums, namely:

  • To establish regional and national forums at which representatives of Areas and Counties consider current and major issues facing Scottish Golf; and
  • While the Proposal did not explicitly propose amalgamating the male Areas with the female Counties, it was clear that this should be considered as a next stage under the auspices of the Scottish Golf Board.

The Board agreed that the two issues outlined are inextricably linked and will be consulted on through the work of a Regions and Forums working group. The Group will include representatives of the Board, Areas, Counties and executive.

The review shall be guided by the Scottish Golf Strategy. The working group will lead a process to engage and consult with regions (both Areas and Counties) to determine an agreed way forward for Regions and Forums.

The objectives of the working group and the process they will facilitate with all regional bodies are:

  • To consult and make recommendations for a practical break-down of Scotland into a number of regions of similar size, taking into account local affiliations, geographical links and the link to delivery of golf programmes
  • To recommend the remit of the regions
  • To make recommendations for how such regions should be funded
  • To consider and recommend how regional and national forums should be established (including format, who attends and frequency) and what support they would require

Note: In determining a suitable break-down of regions, this would provide the framework for existing Areas and Counties to work within to consider amalgamation over time.