AGM Update – Sunday 4 March

Following a legal challenge on Friday evening after communication confirming the postponement of the Scottish Golf AGM, the Chair of Scottish Golf, Eleanor Cannon proceeded with formally opening the 2018 Annual General Meeting of Scottish Golf Limited at 2.30pm on Sunday 4 March, in the presence of Karin Sharp, Company Secretary and Paul Pignatelli of DWF LLP, the company’s lawyers.

With no other members in attendance, the chair (as previously intimated to members over the last 48 hours as a result of the exceptional weather conditions across the country) used the 88 proxy votes in her favour to adjourn the meeting, in accordance with the articles of association of the company, to Saturday 10 March, commencing at 12.30pm at the same venue, Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club.

With no other business to attend to, the meeting closed and it was agreed that the Company Secretary would communicate the adjournment to all members as well as advising that, while current proxies continue to remain valid for the adjourned meeting, members would, until 48 hours before the adjourned meeting, be able to revise/change any current proxy instructions or submit new ones. This reopening of proxies ensures that no member is deprived of his/her/its ability to record a vote at the adjourned AGM.

For clarification, our options were limited by the availability of the venue as we wanted to remain at Dalmahoy Hotel & Country Club in order to minimise expenditure (a cancellation cost would have been incurred had we opted not to stage the event at Dalmahoy).