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Contracts Manager

What is Contracts Manager?

GMG’s Contracts Manager is a simple, secure online tool which helps you keep track of the day-to-day service and utility contracts at your golf club. With Contracts Manager in place, you will never again miss an end date and run into expensive extended terms. It ensures that you will never over-pay on service or utility contracts. It simplifies your life and saves you time and money.

How does it work?

Contracts Manager is like a cloud-based filing cabinet. De-clutter your life by storing an unlimited number of contracts, latest invoices and any other pertinent documents in your golf club’s secure Contracts Manager portal.

Drag-and-drop documents from your desktop, log the contract start and end dates, and – crucially – log the notice period required should you wish to terminate service. Contracts Manager then gives you a simple ‘traffic light’ system which enables you to see which contracts are approaching a critical date, at a glance.

And then… just get on with your daily managerial tasks. Contracts Manager will alert you when any contract approaches a critical date, whereupon GMG can assist you as to whether to renew, renegotiate, or look elsewhere in the market.

Club Testimonial

“I find Contracts Manager to be an effective way of managing your contracts both on and off the golf course. Everything is managed online – it cuts way down on paperwork! We are always up to date and no more looking through 500 sheets of paper to find what you want. It has saved loads of time! It normally takes hours to read all the different contracts, and to ensure legal compliance throughout. GMG now do all of this for us. And not only do we save valuable time, but we also have the confidence that we are agreeing to the best-possible combination of price and terms, which GMG also explain clearly to us.” Jane Tough, Secretary, Edzell Golf Club

To arrange a free, no-obligation remote demonstration please contact GMG on or T: 0844 406 8541