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Child Protection

Child Protection

Protection of Vulnerable Groups Act 2007

Since February 2011, golf clubs have been legally obliged to invite any new staff members or volunteers to join the new PVG Scheme (Protection of Vulnerable Groups) if they are carrying out what is now defined as regulated work with vulnerable groups – such as children – at your club. Existing club volunteers, who have completed forms under the previous system called Disclosure, are now invited to join the PVG scheme.

Scottish Golf encourages all golf clubs to fully digest this new legislation which replaces the Protection of Children (Scotland) Act 2003. This can be studied in full, at  In addition a pragmatic briefing note to assist clubs with the impending changes is available to download below.

> Safeguarding Resource for Clubs

> Scottish Golf Child Protection Policies & Procedures

More information is provided on the PVG Scheme for individuals, golf clubs and organisations via the PVG Scheme Guidance document below.

> PVG Scheme Guidance

Fair Processing Notice

The Data Protection Act 1998 requires that you are informed about how your personal information will be used. For the purposes of child wellbeing & child protection matters, if the club receive information of concern, the club may share information about you with the sport’s Governing Bodies in Scotland (SGL) and the appointed representatives of the partners within the Scottish Golf Child Protection Panel.

This may be related to but not exclusively restricted to where it has been alerted to circumstances that might affect your status as a member of the PVG scheme for regulated work with children or protected adults or your suitability to carry out the regulated work role for which you have applied/been appointed or already doing. In the event such sharing is deemed necessary, it will normally only be carried out between the registered Child Protection Officers in the Club, Governing Body, and those appointed representatives within the Scottish Golf Child Protection Panel.

Child Protection Training

In Safe Hands is a 3-hour workshop that supports clubs to put child protection policies into practice. It is most suitable for those acting as the Child Protection Officer but is also relevant for those responsible for managing or organising the club. To find a course in your area visit

Safeguarding and Protecting Children is a 3-hour workshop designed to raise awareness on issues surrounding the protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults within sport.  It is essential that Coaches at all levels, as well as relevant officials and helpers working with these groups within our sport attend.  To find a course in your area please open the calendar below

> Safeguarding & Protection Children Workshop | Calendar


If you have a concern or queries about Child Protection please contact

Gavin Forrester Child Protection Officer