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Environment & Sustainability

Environment & Sustainability

Scotland is the Home of Golf and delivers one of the most authentic and diverse golfing experiences in the world from the finest championship links to the hidden gems. Beyond the playing surfaces there are unique coastal links, grasslands, woodlands, wetlands, open water, scrub, heathland and many other beautiful habitat and landscape features that attract not only golfers but walkers alike.

The golf course is your club’s biggest asset and clubs are facing increasing challenges from climate change, legislation and rapidly increasing operational costs to ensure they have the best available playing surfaces and surrounding environments to retain and attract members and visitors while providing value for money.

In addition clubhouses, maintenance facilities and professional shops are all potential areas where significant cost savings can be achieved, particularly through energy and water efficiency and waste reduction.

Addressing environmental issues in conjunction with making golf facilities economically efficient and socially inclusive will assist clubs to sustainably manage their businesses.

The Scottish Golf Environment Manager is the main point of contact offering a wide range of advice on many aspects of golf course and wider facility management, from environmental best practice and legislation advice, project development and funding advice, environmental management planning, environmental training and GEO certification.

In this section you will find information, case studies and fact sheets relevant to the sustainable management of your golf course and wider facility to support course managers, greenkeepers and greens conveners. We are working closely with our partners at The R&A and BIGGA to signpost clubs to the best advice available to them from industry experts. We are grateful to the support of The R&A in the production of these case studies which will be continuously monitored over time to promote the ‘good’ practices adopted by many affiliated golf clubs.

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For further advice please contact Carolyn Hedley (Environment Manager) on 07921 606 560