Managing Your Staff: The Xact Group

Scottish Golf & Club Managers Association have teamed up with The Xact Group to deliver five regional 1-day workshops across Scotland, providing club managers with the opportunity to brush up on their HR management skills and help take another step towards being comfortable with the day-to-day challenges faced by club managers.

Each workshop will be split into three sessions with the broad objectives being as follows:

Understanding the principles of effective HR management for staff

Effectively managing HR and following best practice is not just about ticking boxes. Effective management and HR practice is proven to improve employee, and therefore, business performance. This session will highlight the benefits of effective HR management and some practical tips as to how to manage staff well on a daily basis.

Discussing real life examples of HR challenges in the workplace

The session will give you an opportunity, in a confidential setting, to share HR challenges that you face and receive best practice HR advice on how to move the situation forward and an understanding of how you are going to achieve your desired result.

Distinguishing clearly between concerns about staff conduct and staff ability

Often issues with conduct and capability can be confused by employers or line managers or can be hidden by other issues. The session will explore what the differences are and how to differentiate what are issues of conduct and what are issues of capability, along with how to deal with the challenges which they pose.

Target Audience

Club managers/Secretaries and any other employees or volunteer responsible for the management of staff

Workshop Timetable

All workshops will run from 10am – 15.30pm, with lunch provided on the day.

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