Membership Trends

Scottish Golf and Club Manager Association’s second series of regional events took place in September 2016 at 7 venues throughout Scotland.

With the support of Scottish Golf, SGCMA delivered workshops that covered the critical area of Club Memberships & Marketing. Asking club leaders to reflect on the trends they have seen in their club membership, what their customers are looking for in a club experience and what alternative kinds of club membership could appeal to those customers.

If you missed these event’s or would like to utilise the materials that were used throughout the workshop then they are collated below.

Membership Trends & Demographics

This content provides insights into national membership trends and the kinds of people who are golfers and club members.

Does your own club recognise these trends? What kinds of people is your club looking to attract into membership? What factors affect how much golf people play?

Biggest Ever Survey of Golf Club Members

The workshop included insight into the biggest ever survey of golf club members in Scotland – with 10,000 golf club members responses.

What do your members think of the club experience? What parts of the club are most important to them? What is more important to female golfers? What is more important to young golfers?

Flexible Membership – Scottish Studies

In trying to attract new members, numerous clubs in Scotland have started trialling alternative forms of club membership – often known as flexible membership.

What price are non-members willing to pay for club membership? What kind of benefits should flexible members be offered? How do you avoid the typical stumbling blocks of introducing a new type of club membership?

> Membership Trends: Workshop PowerPoint Slides

> Membership Trends: Workshop Workbook

> Flexible Membership: Insights – Success and Failure Factors

> Haddington Golf Club Case Study

> Temple Golf Club Case Study