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Food and Beverage Management

Food and Beverage Management

A golf club’s food and beverage operation is one of the most talked about elements of a club’s activities, among committees and customers alike. The difficulty in getting this important service right is greatly under estimated. Within this area of the website, Scottish Golf provides support to help your club with the challenge of this area of your business.

To kick-off, we recommend all managers watch the video below, featuring an interview with golf club food and beverage expert Steve Brown talking about some of the pitfalls and solutions to this complex area of the club, providing insights from his vast experience of working with clubs.

Management Development Programme

The Management Development Programme Part 1 (MDP1) dedicates a whole day to this subject, to help Club Managers better understand the challenges of running a successful food and beverage operation. Further details on the MDP training courses can be found at the following link:

> Management Development Programme (MDP)

Why Can’t Golf Clubs Make a Profit Like They Do Every Day at McDonald’s?

The Scottish Golf Management Development Programme provides the ammunition managers and committees need when discussing operating losses in the dining room.

Our recent seminar, co-hosted with the CMAE, brought leading Golf Club Food and Beverage industry expert Gregg Paterson over from the USA to present to clubs on this very topic. Based on our feedback, nearly every delegate in the room left feeling inspired to improve the way they run the catering function at their golf club.

You’ve Heard the Moans and the Groans:

If you’re a manager, chef, food and beverage convenor, committee member or Club Captain, you’ve been asked more times than you care to remember about club food operations.

Why isn’t the service better? Why can’t there be greater consistency? Why are there so many functions? Why is the dining room empty? Why does the club lose money in the dining room when McDonald’s makes billions selling burgers cooked by high school students?

Everybody eats, everyone’s an expert, everyone has a solution and no one’s shy about telling you why. Whether you like to hear the questions and the commentary or not, the issues raised are important ones. Let’s take a peek at dining room operations and see if we can arrive at some first principles and simple explanations that’ll make your job as Club Manager or voluntary Committee Member a little bit easier than it might otherwise be during your next heated exchange over dining rooms, member subsidies, clubhouse levies, function business, subscription rises and the like.

> Read on to be inspired by Gregg Patterson’s presentation!