Business Planning

At the end of every Scottish Golf seminar we invite you to tell it like it is, and based on feedback from clubs, we continue to tailor our support service to affiliated Clubs.  Feedback from nearly 300 respondents to this year’s series of regional seminars has been extremely positive, with 98.2% confirming that they would choose to return to a future Scottish Golf seminar.

Within that feedback, we learned from you that the session which proved to be of greatest interest and benefit to clubs was the Business Planning Process, which has subsequently generated numerous requests for support from our team of Development Officers.  One club engaged in that process as a result of attending the roadshow was quoted recently as saying:

“I’m delighted with the momentum that has gathered.  It’s amazing really when you consider what was said in the committee room today about our club standing still for the last 15 – 20 years. As a member during that time, I was aware we were stagnating and in fact going backwards, whilst other clubs were embracing the need for change.  Still lots to do and the next steps are vital for us to take the members with us, but thanks for all your help so far…”

This type of quote is typical of a club engaged in the Business Planning process, where clubs often summarise the benefits as being:

  • Taking some time out to be reflect objectively on where the club is
  • Involving a neutral third party to help us to understand members current wants and needs
  • Helps establish a mandate for club committees to focus their limited time and resources on what members need
  • Builds pride in the membership, and a common purpose between staff and committee
  • Helps to make committee service worthwhile and enjoyable
  • Ensures that clubs do not suffer from the inconsistency often attached to a frequently changing management team

We now offer face-to-face support to create a meaningful business plan for your club. If you want some help to make sure that you are giving your customers what they want, we can help.

For further support, contact your local Development Officer.