ScotGolfIntel – Informing your Club the Intelligent Way

Forward thinking Golf Club Committees are seeking industry intelligence to help them to make better informed decisions, and the new Scottish Golf Intelligence website can now provide that support for you. When a topic is being discussed around the Committee table, we know that quite often everyone will have some personal experience, or possibly hearsay that contributes to the debate.

This new website revamps the Scottish Golf Monitor, and can turn opinion into fact, helping you to make more informed decisions at your club, and maybe even speeding up those committee meetings too.

When your club enters data into the system, the website will generate an immediate response, providing useful information in real time.

Your data will be compared to national statistics and regional comparisons, providing sufficient data has been entered. Simply sign into the site, choose from the range of surveys that you may complete, and enter your data. You can benchmark yourself against the national average and clubs in your region, providing the minimum number of clubs in that region are inputting their data too. Benchmarking does not necessarily tell you what to do, but it does tell you what other clubs are doing, and from there you are better place to decide what your club would like to do going forward.

Whilst much of the information that you are invited to provide is publicly available, Scottish Golf recognises that any information provide by you is confidential. The data you provide is not available to any other club, and is simply used to generate the reports that are made available to all participating clubs.

The reports that you will be relying on to help you to make more informed decisions for your club, are heavily reliant on the number of clubs that are contributing to this pool of data.

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