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Handicapping & Course Rating

Handicapping Support for Clubs – Latest Announcements

This section of the website provides support and resources to clubs administrators, committee members and other volunteers, with specific support for handicapping convenors.

Changes to CONGU Handicapping System – From 1 January 2018

Changes to the CONGU handicapping system have recently been announced and can be viewed via the link below.

Scottish Golf will shortly be announcing seminar dates for 2018, where we will outline the impending changes.

> CONGU – Changes to the Handicapping System – Full Details

**Preferred Lies – 1 October to 30 April**

The CONGU Unified Handicapping System allows Committees to run competitions as Qualifying Competitions for handicapping purposes when preferred lies are adopted due to adverse course conditions, during the period of 1 October to 30 April. Out with this period permission from the Area/County Authority or Scottish Golf must be first obtained before adopting preferred lies for Qualifying Competitions.

To apply, please contact Calum Grant or Adam Phillips on 0131 339 3987.

Alternatively, e-mail us at  

Setting up Non-Qualifying Winter League Competitions on your Handicap Software

Do you use your club handicap software to run Non-Qualifying Winter League or Stroke Play Competitions? If so, your handicapping software now has built-in functionality to allow you to do so and ease the processing of competition scores and analysis. Please read the guidance document below:

> Setting up your Winter League – Handicap Software Guidance Document

Allocating a Handicap – Remember the Playing History!

Assigning handicaps to new members is one of the most important functions of a handicap committee. Below is a quick-fire guide to assist you in your role:

  • Any new player has to complete 54-holes in any combination of 9- or 18-holes
  • Following the inputting of the score details from these cards, the computer program calculates a handicap.
  • This should be regarded as a recommendation only should be reviewed along with other factors such as:
    • Previous playing history, Time of year, prevailing weather conditions, and the most recent past handicap held before a handicap is allotted.
  • New players should be reviewed regularly to check that they have been given the right handicap.
  • If the new member is joining from another club and has a CONGU handicap and CDH number, that CDH ID number and handicap comes with them
  • A player may not be allotted a category 1 handicap without the authority of your area authority or national union. The relevant body will give you the code you need for your handicap software.

In summary, please take the time to consider the full picture when allocating a handicap, using the figure generated by the handicapping software as a recommended starting point and use the additional information available to validate your decision.

For further guidance on handicapping matters please email:

Please direct all enquiries to the relevant email addresses:

Handicapping & Competition Enquiries –

Central Database of Handicaps Enquiries –

Course Rating Enquiries –

Membership Card Enquiries –

For telephone enquiries, please call Scottish Golf 01334 466 477.

“Handicapping is at the heart of amateur golf”

Handicapping is an integral part of amateur golf, creating a level playing field that allows golfers of differing abilities to compete and have an equitable chance of winning in both stroke play and match play formats of the game.

It is recognised that handicapping, due to the nature of the game of golf and it’s varying playing conditions, is not an exact science. However, a high degree of uniformity can still be achieved if all parties honour their obligations by observing the spirit and intent of the CONGU Unified Handicapping System. By achieving uniformity we can protect one of the unique benefits of handicap golf – giving all participants an equitable chance of success.

Scottish Golf is the governing body for handicapping in Scotland, with responsibility for monitoring and maintaining the application of the CONGU Unified Handicapping System (UHS) within all affiliated golf clubs in Scotland.

We support affiliated golf clubs in all aspects of handicapping, competitions, course rating and the Central Database of Handicaps. Support is provided through the provision of website resources, seminars and via the telephone.