How to Obtain a CONGU Handicap

CONGU Handicap Allocation

CONGU Category 1 Handicap Allocation

  • Category 1 CONGU handicaps for both men and ladies are ratified by Scottish Golf.
  • Please complete the Category One Handicap – Application Form  and return along with a scanned copy of the three scorecards to E:
  • Scottish Golf will provide the Club with an allocated handicap and the necessary software code to administer via club handicapping software.

> Category One handicap – Application Form

Amateur Status – Reinstatement from Professional Game

  • Firstly, an application for reinstatement must be made by the player to the R&A and a reinstatement date will be confirmed.
  • During the period up to the reinstatement date, a club can allocate the player a ‘Club Handicap’ which will allow the player to play in club competitions.
  • The player’s score must not be included in the CSS Calculation while a Club Handicap is held.
  • When the time comes for full reinstatement, all scores recorded during the waiting period will be used to determine the players’ official CONGU handicap reinstatement.