Conditions of Competition

The Rules of Golf define the Committee as “the Committee in charge of the competition” and Rule 33-1 states that, “the Committee must establish the conditions under which a competition is to be played”.

The Conditions of Competition are vital to the smooth running of competitions. They specify details such as eligibility to enter, how a player may enter, what format the event will take, handicap entry requirements, how winners will be determined in the event of a tie, the prizes on offer etc.

It is vital that the conditions are established in advance of the competition so that the Committee can deal with any situations that may arise, such as a tie. It is the responsibility of Committees to interpret the conditions they establish and, therefore, the conditions should be clear and carry precise guidance as to what action should be taken when certain circumstances arise.

The R&A have produced Guidance on Running a Competition to provide a single reference for Committees running golf competitions.

> R&A’s Guidance on Running a Competition – 2. Conditions of Competition