Regional Forums

To support our strategy to develop and grow the game in Scotland, Scottish Golf run a series of four Regional Forum Groups.

The forums operate on a geographic basis, covering North, South, East & West and are a platform where opportunities to grow the game and address some of the challenges clubs and the game are facing can be debated on a local basis. Feedback will be consolidated by Scottish Golf with the aim of refining our strategic priorities and support services provided to members.

Each Regional Forum will operate with a core agenda pulled together by a Working Group consisting of stakeholders from across the game thus ensuring that the key issues are debated and fed back in a consistent manner. There will also be an opportunity for local issues to be addressed via additional agenda items and will be determined by each region.


How often will the Regional Forums meet?

In establishing these forums, the Working Group recommend that the Regional Forums meet three times per annum (optimum timings March, June, September) and that there is a National Forum towards the end of each calendar year.

Who will be represented on the Regional Forums?

The composition of the Regional Forums will incorporate representatives from Golf Clubs, County Associations, Area Associations and Scottish Golf and we envisage each of the Regional meetings being attended by around 12-16 people.


More Information:

For additional information please contact Karin Sharp