FAQs for Clubs

What does the Membership Card do?

The Scottish Golf Membership Card is designed to identify someone as a member of a golf club in Scotland, using data collected via clubs from the Centralised Database of Handicaps (CDH). The Cards are personalised to each golfer, printed with their Name, Club Name and Scottish Golf ID number. The Card can be used to access preferential rates at participating clubs and courses in Scotland, as well as a number of other benefits, when shown to the retailer or vendor. The Card contains the golfers’ Scottish Golf ID number within the Hi-Co stripe on the reverse, enabling a golf club to identify the golfer. The Card also acts as a reminder of the Scottish Golf ID number, when a golfer is required to know their number e.g. when filling in an Open Competition entry form, playing in an Away competition or registering for the Scottish Golf website.

Who gets a Membership Card?

All membership categories where an annual Scottish Golf affiliation fee is paid, including junior members. To receive a membership card your members must have a Scottish Golf ID number. Social membership categories are not entitled to the membership card.

Can the Card replace our existing Club Membership Cards?

Yes, if the club chooses to do so. The Scottish Golf Membership Card’s Hi-Co stripe contains three fields and can be used for security entry systems and bar loyalty schemes, if compatible with the club’s current system. The Club Administrator simply needs to know the range of Scottish Golf ID numbers for their members and then contact their existing handicap or membership management software provider to integrate those numbers into their system. The majority of clubs affiliated to the Golf Union of Ireland now use their National Membership Card as their Club Card.

If a member does not have a Scottish Golf Membership Card how do they receive one?

Simply ensure your members details have been added to your club’s handicap software then synchronise with CDH to update your club’s list of members on the CDH. There will be an approximate lead time of 14 days for the receipt of a new member’s card, but there will no charge to the club or the member for the new card.  If your club has not yet uploaded its membership data to the CDH, please contact Golf Services on 01334 466477.

How does my Club offer a Preferential Green Fee to Membership Card holders?

We would encourage all affiliated clubs to offer a preferential green fee, added value or special offer to other Scottish golf club members through the Scottish Golf Membership Card programme.

Unlike the previous Scottish Golf Card, there is no set discount of 50% – it is up to each club to decide what their offer is. It could be a discount of 10%, 25%, 50%, members’ guests rate, a complimentary buggy, a free cup of coffee, a £5 off a meal voucher, a deal with a local hotel for overnight accommodation…it is entirely up to you!

We recommend you consider which offer best suits the needs of your Club, based on utilisation of your tee-times and what the best promotion might be to attract fellow members. Ideally, this would be the best offer in your portfolio, as our aim is to maximise the value of membership. For example, the offer could be similar to any current reciprocal arrangements with local clubs

How does my Club promote the Special Offers?

Each club has a section within their dedicated ‘Club Finder’ page on the Scottish Golf website, titled ‘Scottish Golf Membership Card Special Offers’. Once logged in, the Club Administrator can insert the details of your Special Offer within this section. You can insert as many offers as you like (for example, an on and off peak price, different offers for different days of the week) however we recommend you keep these simple and user friendly.

The offers will then be featured on the Scottish Golf website and we will showcase various offers through our membership communication, including website pages and e-bulletins. If you do not know your Club’s log-in details, please contact Audrey Rees, Marketing Coordinator, on 01334 466477.

How will my Members know what the other Special Offers are?

Special offers will be featured on the Scottish Golf website and in the monthly e-bulletin. We would therefore encourage your members to register on the Scottish Golf website to receive these communications. Scottish Golf ID Numbers can be registered via www.scottishgolf.org/register and once registered members will also be able to access their handicap record via the CDH and have away scores automatically returned to their home club.

Our communication will help promote your own club’s Special Offers, with a number of clubs selected at random each month for inclusion in our Golfers e-bulletin, offering a fantastic marketing opportunity for your club.

What happens when we have a new Member?

When a new member joins your club, simply add their details to your club’s handicap software then synchronise with CDH to update your members list held on CDH. We will then send the new members Scottish Golf Membership Card pack directly to the club. If the member is joining from another club please ensure you transfer across their original Scottish Golf ID number and do not create a duplicate ID.

There will be an approximate lead time of 14 days for the receipt of a new member’s card, but there will no charge to the club or the member for their first card.

I have a new member with a CDH ID from England/Ireland/Wales. They wish to make the Scottish Club their Home Club, what do I do?

Each player must have a CDH ID number generated from the country in which the Home Club is located. Therefore if you have a new member who has a non-Scottish CDH ID number (ID does not begin with a 4) then you must generate a new Scottish Golf (CDH) ID Number for this player. Their non-Scottish ID then becomes redundant. Please note this is the only situation in which a new CDH ID is created for a player when they transfer clubs.

What happens if we receive a card for someone who is not a Member at our club?

If it is someone who is no longer a member at your club ask your handicap secretary to release/resign the member in your club’s handicap software then synchronise with CDH to update your club’s list of members on the CDH and destroy the card.

If it is someone who has never been a member at your club and their details are not recorded in your club’s handicap software please contact Golf Services Manager, on 01334 466477.

How can my Club help promote the Scottish Golf Membership Cards to our Members?

Scottish Golf are investing significant resources in a marketing campaign to promote the benefits of the Card, as part of our ongoing marketing activity to retain and recruit golf club members.

Your Club will receive a Point-of-Sale (POS) kit containing various printed materials and e-communication content to help you promote the cards to members.

A number of marketing channels will also be used, including Bunkered magazine, Facebook, Twitter, national press, PR activity and European Tour events in Scotland, to increase awareness of the Membership Card benefits and the special offers from Clubs.

Thank you for your support!

The Scottish Golf Membership Card programme has arisen through feedback from golf clubs and golfers, asking the governing bodies to add value to being a member of a golf club. We hope that the new Card will support membership retention and recruitment at your club and we will be working hard to continually develop the Card and add more golf-related benefits for your members. We thank you for your support in marketing the Card to your own membership.

Should you have any questions in relation to the Scottish Golf Membership Card, please contact a member of the Scottish Golf Team on 01334 466477.   If your enquiry relates specifically to the CDH, please ask for Calum Grant or Adam Phillips.