FAQs for Members

What does the Membership Card do?

The Scottish Golf Membership Card is designed to identify you as a member of a golf club in Scotland, using data collected via your club from the Centralised Database of Handicaps (CDH).  The Cards are personalised to you, with your name, club name and Scottish Golf ID number.  The Card can be used to access preferential rates at participating clubs and courses in Scotland, as well as a number of other rewards, when shown to the retailer or vendor.  Clubs will be encouraged to promote their special offers on their dedicated page in Club Finder.  The Card also acts as a reminder of your Scottish Golf ID number when filling in an Open Competition entry form, playing in an away competition or registering for the Scottish Golf website.

How do I download my digital Scottish Golf Membership Card?

  • Your Club will be able to provide you with your Scottish Golf ID (CDH) number
  • Register your Scottish Golf ID via the following link – https://www.scottishgolf.org/player-registration/
  • Login to the Members Clubhouse by clicking ‘Login’ button on the top right of our homepage – scottishgolf.org
  • Click ‘Download Membership Card’ and an email will be send to your registered email address.
  • Simply save the digital membership card to your smartphone (or computer) as an image

I am an overseas member – do I get a Card?

Yes.  Firstly ask your home club in Scotland to allocate you with a Scottish Golf ID (CDH Lifetime) number. Once you have an ID, simply register the ID as outlined above and download. If you have more than one membership in Scotland, you will need to nominate one club as your Home Club and the other(s) as Away.

The details on my Card are not correct?

Contact your home golf club and ask them to correct your details in their club software.  They will then need to synchronise with CDH to update your profile information. 

How long does my membership Card last?

Your Card will remain active until you resign or cancel your membership.

Where can I find details of special offers?

Special offers and rewards can be found  via the following link: