Social Media

Why good social media for your club is a must!

Instagram: 14m active users in the UK (64% female users)

Facebook: 31m active users in the UK (60% of the population)

Twitter: 15m active users in the UK (being overtaken by Instagram)

LinkedIn: passed 15m users in the UK (79% are male)

YouTube: 35.6m users in the UK (growing across all demographics)

The Do’s…

1.Have a plan with varied themes

2.Use imagery and video

3.Interact – social is not a one-way street

4.Respond to people – good and bad

5.Keep it updated

6.Retweet, share

7.Invest in advertising – it’s cheap and targeted

8.Embrace your community – it’s not just about golf

The Don’ts…

1.Be scared of it – look at the statistics

2.Clutter it with results and ‘course open’ daily updates

3.Get someone who isn’t a user to manage it

4.Forget about it – use it daily, it takes seconds

5.Just be nice – it’s a tool for selling

6.Look around – see what other clubs/brands/golfers are doing

7.Get stuck – use the help tools available

8.Talk at people – talk with people, ask questions, spark debate