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Membership Templates

Membership Templates

Member BenefitsFor the vast majority of clubs in Scotland, the biggest revenue stream is membership, yet we often take our existing members for granted. Many clubs send out their annual renewal letters or e-mails with little other than a few details of how much the membership will cost that year. Not a thank you, a reminder of why its great to be a member of your club or an encouragement for them to invite their friends to join.

Given the importance of this annual communication, Scottish Golf has worked with clubs to develop best practice templates, to help you bring to life your membership renewal marketing.

To help attract new members, its also important to make a positive first impression, so our toolkit also features a more user-friendly template for your membership application form. This can then be integrated into your website and made editable, to improve an important touch point in the customer journey.

We also feature a document with a generic list of membership benefits, which can be tailored to suit your club. We recommend you spend some time at your committee to consider what are the main benefits of being a member of your club, which can be a very useful and fun exercise.

Golf Club Membership – Generic Benefits

Golf Club Membership Form – Template

Golf Club Membership Form – User Guide