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Facilities Plan

Facilities Plan

The most comprehensive survey ever of the country’s golf clubs and golfers, undertaken in June 2012, has given the game’s governing bodies a mandate to launch a new Facilities Plan aimed at improving the development of Scottish Golf at all levels over the next decade.

The highlight of the plan is the creation of 50 Development Centres, enhancing existing clubs and facilities which have been earmarked for further improvement to support players seeking to improve beyond the first two stages of ClubGolf, the national junior programme.

A further key outcome is the predicted requirement of £7.2m over the next eight years to fulfil these goals – an average total investment of £900,000 each year to 2020 – to be funded from a variety of public sector and private sources. This figure builds on the investment in excess of £5m that has already gone into golf facility development since the inception of ClubGolf in 2003, again from sportscotland and club generated funding.

The in-depth audit of 1,300 golfers and 498 clubs or facilities across the country provided an invaluable insight of what is required to improve facilities, support the development of players and help clubs grow their membership during these ever-challenging economic times.