Club Commitments

Scottish Golf is proud to be working in partnership with The R&A to adopt the Women in Golf Charter, launched in May 2018. As a signatory of the Charter and as part of our aim to grow female membership in Scotland we are encouraging all affiliated clubs across the country to make their own commitment to the Charter.

The Charter aims to make the game more accessible and inclusive for everyone and involves making a minimum of three commitments that the club will implement. Scottish Golf’s Development Team will work with clubs to take positive steps towards achieving their commitments.

From making the switch to ability-based tees to staging male and female events on the same day, there are a range of options that clubs can commit to as part of the Charter.

To pledge your commitment to the Charter complete the Women in Golf Charter

Next Steps

Once your commitments have been selected you should now complete the following:

  • Assign timescales to your pledges acknowledging that they are time specific;
  • Link your commitments to the club’s business plan and/or create your own Club Charter specific to Women and Golf;
  • Publicise your commitments to your members;
  • Share your pledge with your Scottish Golf Regional Club Development Officer.

Once complete, your Club will be recognised as an R&A Women in Golf signatory and your commitments will be listed on The R&A and Scottish Golf websites.