Our Pledge

Scottish Golf – Women in Golf Charter Pledge

Scottish Golf, the governing body for golf in Scotland, is proud to have signed The R&A ‘Women in Golf Charter’ and pledge our support to work towards its goals, together with our clubs, golfers, stakeholders and partners.

Our commitment to the Charter is underlined by the new Scottish Golf Strategy, which encompasses our primary strategic priority of increasing national membership through growing the number of women and junior members by 15,000 over the next four years.

Our activity will focus on the following key areas to address gender imbalance and cultural change across golf clubs in Scotland, including:

  • Increase the percentage of female members from its current level of 13%
  • Increase representation of women on club committees, senior roles and workforce within clubs through influencing modern, good practice governance
  • Drive membership equality, including non-gender specific tee-times availability
  • Promote gender neutral tees with a change of positioning to ability level tees
  • Increase awareness of the need for culture and behavioral change within golf clubs
  • Showcase female role models at all levels of the game including Tour professionals, leading amateurs, coaches, club managers, volunteers, members and beginner golfers
  • Promote change within the golf club environment to achieve an inclusive, welcoming and family-friendly experience for all
  • Deliver national participation programmes for juniors and beginners that are tailored to suit the needs of prospective female golfers
  • Working with clubs in promoting a wide range of events and formats to cater for all golfers and potential golfers regardless of background or ability.

In addition to signing our pledge to the Charter, raising the profile of Women in Golf has been at the heart of our organisation since its formation in October 2015, with the following already achieved:

  • We have had a female Chair since October 2015;
  • Our current President is female;
  • 50% of our executive workforce are female;
  • 33% of our Non-Executive Board are female;
  • 40% of our Senior Management Team are female;
  • Equal opportunities for elite level female amateur golfers since amalgamation in 2015
  • Achievement of sportscotland’s Equality Standards Foundation Level with a commitment to achieving Intermediary Level.

We look forward to working with The R&A to promote the Charter, encourage our clubs to commit to actions within the Charter and grow the number of women and girls playing and working within golf in Scotland.