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Senior Gents Open Scramble (Over 55)

Senior Gents Open Scramble (Over 55)

19, September 2019

1. Select “best” drive. Place marker beside ball.
a) If on the fairway, all members of team may clean and place their ball within one club length of the marker no nearer the hole. Selected ball must be played first.
b) If in the rough or hazard, chosen ball is played as it lies; the other two members drop the ball within one club length of the marker, no nearer the hole, but still remaining in the rough or hazard.
c) Continue selecting “best” shot until reaching the green.
d) On the green all players play from the same spot. Do not tap in a missed putt unless you want it to count.
2. Put initials of driver of selected drive on card for each hole after completing each hole.
3. Five Drives must be chosen for each member of the team.
4. Card to be signed by two members of team.

ClubInsch Golf Club
Region North East
Start 19, Sep 2019
End 19, Sep 2019
Handicap Limit Gents 28
Age Requirement +55
Format Texas Scramble
TERMS AND CONDITIONS: These are the terms and conditions for booking tee times using our Internet booking facility. Payment ======= Payment will be taken at the time of booking. To book a tee time online you will have to enter your credit or debit card details using our secure on line payment process. You should print off or make a note of your booking reference as this will be required on your arrival at the Club.

Booking Transferable ==================== The Booking is completely Transferable. Therefore, should you be unable to make your tee time, you can offer the tee time to someone else such as a family member or friend.

Handicaps ========= This facility is only available to golfers who have a handicap of 28 or less (men) or 36 or less (ladies). If you don't have a handicap, you must be able to play to an equivalent standard.

Dress Code ========== Normal GUI/ILGU dress code applies. The following are therefore not permitted: denims, shorts, football/rugby tops.

Spikes ====== Spikes may be worn.

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Entry Fee £24 per team
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Members Entry Fee £24 per team