Overseas Membership Management

Overseas Membership Management

Welcome to the Scottish Golf Overseas Membership an opportunity for you to promote your club to golfers overseas and capitalise on Scotland’s reputation as the home of golf to grow your club membership.

This online tool is designed to help your club develop and promote its membership offering to appeal to the countless overseas golfers who wish to visit Scotland or have visited and want to retain an affinity with the game in Scotland.

By opting in for this system Scottish Golf will promote your club and administer the membership buying process – when someone decides to take up membership of your club you will be forwarded the payment and customer details.

Scottish Golf have developed an Overseas Membership Advice note for those clubs looking to capitalise upon the potential for overseas members with suggestions around membership types, benefits, pricing and customer service.

> Overseas Membership Advice Note for Clubs

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Please upload an image of your club’s logo (Optimum Image size 177px x 177px). Your club logo will automatically be added to the membership certificate that all new Overseas Members will receive electronically from Scottish Golf.

Upload your club membership terms & conditions which may include the date of expiry/renewal, constitutional limitations, or membership rights.

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Membership Types

The name of the club and/or Membership that you are promoting i.e. Royal Golf Club International Membership)

Promote details of the membership

List the key benefits of membership i.e. Unlimited Tee times, Play in Club Competitions, Vote at Club AGM. To list items with bullet points please use the asterisk (*)

Detail any restrictions of this membership type i.e “not available to UK residents”. To list items with bullet points please use the asterisk (*)

Provide details of the terms of the membership”. To list items with bullet points please use the asterisk (*)

Detail here if the overseas member will have member guest rights and at what rate. To list items with bullet points please use the asterisk (*)

Overseas Membership Annual Fee

Annual membership fee for membership type




Please provide the sort code and account number of the account that Scottish Golf will transfer the funds to.

The bank details provided below will be used by Scottish Golf to send funds to your account once payment has been received from memberships orders. Accept Terms & Conditions of the Scheme