Club Members

Club Members

Golf club members across Scotland are the lifeblood of the sport.

In communities up and down the country, on courses large and small, golfers are members of a club, their club. It provides a sense of belonging, a badge of honour.

If you’re not a member of a club, then it’s certainly time you joined the club. With membership offers plentiful and joining fees almost a thing of the past, being a member of a club has arguably never been more attractive. Gain a handicap, play in competitions, meet new friends, enjoy your golf on your course.

And in this section of the website, you will find out a host of other benefits that come with being a member of an affiliated Scottish Golf Club.

From the Scottish Golf Membership Card and its array of benefits, to special offer tee times on some of our finest courses, to Open competitions across the nation, your membership opens many doors.

Being a member means you are also doing your bit for Scottish golf as a whole…

For example, did you know an increasing proportion of your club membership subscription is invested in the provision of Club Services and Development? From business planning to advice on health and safety, we provide support in a wide range of areas now vital to the running of a modern golf club.

Golf membership in Scotland – not to be missed.