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9-Hole Competitions – Short on Time Play Nine

9-Hole Competitions – Short on Time Play Nine

Short on time? Looking for a new way to play competitive golf in half the time?

Nine-hole competitions are now being run by golf clubs across the country as a great way to play competitive golf in less time, allowing golfers who are short of time the opportunity to maintain a handicap by playing three 9-hole rounds a year!

Who are 9-hole competitions for?

Nine hole competitions are for everyone! Whether you’re new to the game, find 18 holes too much of a challenge, or simply have less time available, 9-hole competitions are a great way to return scores for handicap purposes.

Nine hole competitions are perfect for summer evenings, a great way to extend the golfing season in the  months when the nights are a little shorter and also the restricted daylight hours of winter weekends.

What is the format and scoring system of a 9-hole qualifying competition?

Nine hole competitions are always run in a stableford format over a designated 9-hole course that has been agreed by the golf club and measured by Scottish Golf.

No CSS is calculated, handicaps are adjusted on SSS. (Click here if you want to learn more about SSS and CSS!).

Is my handicap different when I play in 9-hole competitions?

Yes. If you’re only playing nine holes, then you’re not given the full handicap allowance you would normally have over 18 holes (it’s roughly half). Your exact 9-hole handicap is calculated using the SSS and Par of the designated course.

Who is eligible to play in 9-hole competitions?

Anyone can return scores for handicap purposes by playing in 9-Hole competitions.

Can I obtain and/or maintain a handicap playing 9-hole competitions?

Absolutely. You need to play in six competitions over 9-holes to obtain a handicap. The good news is once you have a handicap, you only need to play in three 9-hole competitions per year to maintain your handicap’s competition status.

What is required before a club can run 9-hole competitions?

Prior to running 9-hole competitions a club must decide which designated 9-hole route they might wish to adopt and simply contact Scottish Golf to request a designated 9-hole Standard Scratch Certificate.

If your club wishes to start running 9-hole competitions, please complete the following 9-hole SSS Application Form and return it to:

> 9-hole Standard Scratch Certificate – Application Form

Can I submit a Supplementary Score over 9 holes?

Yes. Golfers in categories 2-5 can submit Supplementary Scores over 9 holes.