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Multiple Tee, Same Prizes Competitions

Multiple Tee, Same Prizes Competitions

Traditionally, golf club competitions tend to be run for a specific group of competitors, e.g. a men’s medal, a women’s stableford competition, senior’s par/bogey and played from a given set of tees.

However, increasingly clubs are introducing competitions that cater for a wider group of golfers such as mixed gender competitions and competitions in which different sets of tees are used to allow players of different ages or playing abilities to compete together for the same prizes! Examples of such competitions may include:

  • Junior competitions in which both boys and girls compete with other boys and girls playing from a different set of tees
  • Open competitions open to men, women and juniors
  • Single gender competitions in which some players play from different sets of tees e.g. a men’s medal in which players have the choice of playing from the traditional medal tees or from the forward tees
  • Women’s Stableford, with one group playing from the traditional women’s medal tees and another group playing from the forward tees

What is needed to run multiple tee same prize competitions?

The main requirement is that each set of tees used must have been rated for the genders that will play from them.

How are handicaps calculated and how do we decide the competition winner?

As you would imagine, to ensure fairness in determining the prize winners, some of the competitors’ handicaps may need to be adjusted. Stroke play is the most easily understood and the simplest to administer. Quite simply, anyone playing off the tees with the higher Standard Scratch Score will receive additional shots at the end of the round. This is what is called a ‘Competition Handicap Allowance.’

To explain it is best we look at a simple example:

  • Men’s white Tees: SSS 70
  • Women’s Red Tees: SSS 72
  • All women’s handicaps must be increased by Two Shots.

With Stableford competitions it is slightly more complicated and the relationship between Par & Standard Scratch Score from each set of tees is key. In summary:

  • The number of points required to ‘play to handicap’ is determined for each set of tees
  • An adjustment is made to handicaps so that all players have the same points target to ‘play to handicap’
  • When the target to play to handicap is different, then the player with the lower target receives additional strokes
  • The winner is simply the golfer with the highest number of Stableford points!

> CONGU Manual – Multiple Tee, Same Prizes Competitions – Appendix O