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Player Responsibilities

Player Responsibilities

To some golfers the handicapping system may appear daunting. Let’s ease some of that apprehension and outline a few key player responsibilities to ensure you are on right on track:

Nominating your Home and Away Club(s)

  • If you are a member of more than one golf club, you must select one as your ‘Home Club’ and notify that club of your decision.
  • It is your Home Club that is responsible for the administration of your Handicap.
  • For all other clubs of which you are a member, notify each that you have opted to be an ‘Away Member’ at that club.
  • You must notify all clubs of your unique Scottish Golf Membership ID Number which is allocated to you by your ‘Home’ club.
  • Each club must ensure their club handicapping software is updated accordingly.

Scottish Golf Membership ID Number

  • Your Scottish Golf ID Number is a unique lifetime ID that recognises you as a member of an affiliated golf club for handicapping and membership purposes.
  • If you choose to transfer golf clubs, you must take your ID with you. This unique ID will remain with you throughout your golfing career.
  • It is a 10 digit number and is printed on the back of your Scottish Golf Membership Card.
  • If you do not know your Scottish Golf ID Number, please contact your Home Club and they will be able to provide you with this.

Competing Away from your Home Club

When competing away from Home, whether at one of your away clubs or in an Open competition, you must provide your Scottish Golf ID Number to the host club/competition organising committee.

Reporting Away Scores

  • You must report to your Home Club all qualifying competitions played away at other golf courses as soon as practicable (including No Returns and DQ Scores).
  • The fact that away scores may be reported to your Home Club electronically through the Central Database of Handicaps (CDH) does not remove the responsibility of each player to ensure all scores are recorded in your handicap record.
  • You must provide the competition date, venue, SSS, CSS along with the score detailing any nett double bogey adjustments.
  • Failure to report all Away Scores could lead to suspension of offending players’ handicaps.

Competition Day

  • On competition day, you must register your entry into the competition (manually or by computer) as per instructions set by the Club and/or the Competition Organising Committee. If you fail to enter the competition in the required manner, your score will not be accepted for competition or handicap purposes.
  • You must ensure that all handicap reductions are applied to your handicap before playing in a qualifying competition.
  • You must record your playing handicap on your scorecard before it is returned to the Committee.
  • You must return your scorecard to the Committee, whether or not it is complete, ensuring that it has been signed by the Marker(s) and that all scores are correctly recorded for each hole.

Stableford/Nett Double Bogey Adjustment

Players should be aware of the significance of the Stableford/Nett Double Bogey Adjustment. This adjustment allows a player who has a ‘bad’ score on a hole(s) or does not complete a hole(s), for any reason, to continue to record a score on the remaining holes for handicap purposes.