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Supplementary Scores

Supplementary Scores

Struggle to find the time to play in club competitions at the weekend?

If you like the idea of being able to maintain a handicap in a relaxed manner that fits round your own lifestyle or would welcome like the opportunity to return more scores for handicapping purposes outwith club competitions, then returning Supplementary Scores could be for you! 

What is a Supplementary Score?

A Supplementary Score is a score returned by a player for handicapping purposes where the round is played at a time acceptable to the player’s personal circumstances and outwith the clubs fixture listed qualifying competitions.

Who can submit Supplementary Scores and are there any restrictions?

Good news, Supplementary Scores can be returned by most golfers, however there are a few things to remember…

Players in Handicap Categories 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 are eligible to submit an unlimited number of Supplementary Scores per year.

Category 1 players with a handicap of 2.5 to 5.4 can now submit up to 10 Supplementary Scores per year at any time.

Category 1 players with a handicap of 2.4 and below can only submit up to a maximum of three Supplementary Scores and can only be submitted during the period 1 September to 31 December, and only to maintain their Competition Handicap status.

I’m a member at more than one club, can I return Supplementary Scores at both my Home and Away Clubs?

Yes. Golfers (Category 2-6) can return Supplementary Scores at any club in which they are a member, however Category 1 golfers can only return Supplementary Scores at their Home Club.

What are the key conditions for submitting a Supplementary Score?

  • A Supplementary Score must be returned under Stroke Play conditions and can be returned from any set of tees provided that a Standard Scratch Score has been allocated for these tees by Scottish Golf.
  • A player can return an unlimited number of Supplementary Scores per year (Categories 2-6).
  • A player intending to return a Supplementary Score must notify the club before their round.
  • If a Player has informed their club that they intent to submit a Supplementary Score and they don’t return a scorecard, then their handicap is increased by 0.1.
  • No CSS is calculated. Any adjustments to handicaps (up or down), are made in relation to the Standard Scratch Score.
  • Stableford/Nett Double Bogey adjustment, applies to Supplementary Scores exactly as it does in qualifying competitions. (Learn more about Stableford/Nett Double Bogey adjustment here).

Can I submit a Supplementary Score over 9 holes?

Yes. Golfers in categories 2-6 can submit Supplementary Scores over 9 holes.

Can my golf club refuse to accept Supplementary Scores?

No. All affiliated Golf Clubs can accept Supplementary Scores from their members.


Supplementary Scores provide players with a flexible, alternative way to submit scores for handicap purposes.