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Register Your ClubGolf Camp

Register Your ClubGolf Camp

This year’s ClubGolf camps will focus on a multi-sport event with the programme giving coaches a resource that combines fundamental movement skills and games-based learning to coach the essential skills of golf.

It also demonstrates how other sports have been integrated into the golfing arena illustrating how creative and adaptive you can be as a coach using a multi-sports approach.

New active and engaging resources will be provided to all clubs who register to deliver a ClubGolf camp, so make sure your club is signed up so you don’t miss out!

All you need to do is fill in the form below with details of your camp, and we’ll send out your resources. It doesn’t matter if you have already filled your camp – just add “camp full” in the description – and we will send you the camp framework for the week, certificates for all your campers, and a £25 voucher towards the purchase of equipment to help run a successful camp.

We’ve teamed up with Davies Sports this summer to offer clubs an equipment voucher worth £25 for their ClubGolf Camp, enabling them to properly deliver the theme of the multi skills games we have this year.

The first 25 clubs to sign up will also receive some ClubGolf sunglasses for your campers!

To register your camp, please complete the online form below.