Player Pathway

Player Pathway

There are many ways to get into golf, be it through a family member who already plays or encouraged by your friends. As a governing body, it’s important for us to give EVERYONE the opportunity to play golf.

Performance Pathway image

Performance Pathway

For those seeking to reach the top, there are a number of possible routes to becoming a top amateur or professional golfer. However, it is important to have a clearly identified pathway to support every golfer and give them the best chance of maximising their potential.

Scotland has developed its own pathway to succeed, with all the key partners in Scottish Golf working together to produce a high-level Performance Strategy. The aim is to reduce the element of chance by offering a systematic approach to talent identification, performance coaching, player support development and monitoring.

We provide a clear understanding as to how players can progress through the different stages of our programme – so they can be as good as they can be.