Performance Academy
Performance Academy Support

Performance Academy Support


Upon successful applications players will be invited to attend a performance assessment weekend overseen by the National and Regional Performance Coaching team. Invites to the assessment weekend are given to players selected using information gathered from tracked tournament results and our extensive golfing network such as Counties, Areas, Scottish Golf Development Academies and National Coaches. If a player is successfully chosen from the assessment day then they will be invited to join the Scottish Golf Performance Academy.


Performance Academy support will be provided to all players who show a level of desire, application, programme adherence and have the potential to represent Scotland. The aim of the Performance Academy is to create a working team to help with your own performance development plan.

Players within the performance academy will receive extensive education at performance camps covering golf rules, sports psychology, nutrition & hydration, Anti-Doping and Performance Lifestyle. Players progress will be tracked both on the course and in training, as well as performances being monitored during National and International competitions. All players will receive progress reports at six-monthly intervals detailing their progress and areas for development.

Players do not need to be a member of the Scottish Golf Academy to represent Scotland. Players are always selected based on merit and performances in National & International events.