Performance Academy
Performance Tier 2 – Potential

Performance Tier 2 – Potential


Selection into Tier Two will come after spending a minimum of one year in Tier One and after considering all evidence based data gathered during Tier One, Regional and National competition and Order of Merit results. Other factors such as physical development and programme adherence will also be taken into consideration.

Tier Two players will attend a series of performance/competition days arranged by their assigned Regional Performance Coach. These players must demonstrate they possess the necessary work ethics and desire to continually improve.

This stage enhances the player’s performance sport understanding by providing further information, resources and expert knowledge across tactical, technical, physical, mental and performance lifestyle skills as appropriate to their stage of development. Performance testing and monitoring in training and competition is continued to track how the player is progressing and to provide current data and training recommendations to the player’s coaching support team for their individualised training programmes.

This phase of the development programme will target those players who may represent Scotland in team events and competition. This stage ensures that the player is fully committed to the sport year round and highly focused on training to reach their performance goals. The player and their performance support team will ensure that the players’ periodised plan shows specific actions for improving identified areas for development. These areas will be reviewed on a monthly basis with their Regional Performance Coach.

The players in Tier Two will go through a six-monthly review and report  process to ensure that the players are progressing, while an annual review takes place to determine the next steps for each player.

If the player has not progressed or is not compliant to the requirements they could be removed from the SGA at this point and offered a place within the Scottish Golf Development Academy programme. Some players will be offered a further year in Tier Two, while others could progress to Tier Three dependent on their progress.

A player may remain in Tier Two until the age of 18 where they will either be removed from the SGA or offered a place in Tier Three if the criteria is met and the individual shows the necessary signs of progression.