Performance Academy
Performance Tier 1 – Foundation

Performance Tier 1 – Foundation


Upon successful nomination applications players will be invited to attend performance assessments overseen by the National Coaching team. Invites are given to players selected using information gathered from our extensive golfing network such as Counties, Areas, Scottish Golf Development Academies (SGDA) and National Coaches/selectors. If a players is successfully chosen from their assessment day the Scottish Golf Academy (SGA) will invite the player to join the programme.


This tier of the SGA will continue to assess that all players show a level of desire, application, programme adherence and potential to progress to the next tier of the SGA. These assessments will also provide key information for the coaching/support teams working directly with the player’s development.

Such assessments will measure performance both on the course and in training, physical screening for strength, postural movement patterns and flexibility. These players are introduced to periodised planning to ensure they have enough skill development training time and a focus on what National competitions they should be considering for their development. Players will also receive extensive education at Performance Camps covering Golf Rules, Sports Psychology, Nutrition & Hydration, Anti-Doping & Performance Lifestyle.Pic Kenny Smith, Kenny Smith Photography6 Bluebell Grove, Kelty, Fife, KY4 0GX Tel 07809 450119,

This stage will also confirm if players have developed good technical proficiency of all golf skills while demonstrating tactical awareness. The players will also be in good general physical conditioning, have a clear understanding of how Sports Psychology, Nutrition & Hydration and Performance Lifestyle can enhance their performance both pre- and post-competition. A six-monthly review process with reporting takes place to ensure that the players are progressing, and an annual review takes place to determine the next steps for each player.

If the player has not progressed, they could be released from the SGA at this point and offered a place within the SGDA programme. Accepting a place within a SGDA gives the player a chance to receive continued development within the National structure, and the information gathered from this coaching would support an application back into the Scottish Golf Academy at a later stage.

The welfare of our young players is an important part of the SGA and some players will be offered a second year in Tier One, while others could progress to Tier Two or Three dependent on their progress.