Who We Are


As the governing body of golf in Scotland, Scottish Golf Limited are the guardians of a sport that is precious to hundreds of thousands of golfers in this country and the recipients of substantial funding from clubs, public and private sector.

We carry a responsibility to uphold the highest standards of integrity, transparency and leadership, to create a safe and inclusive environment not only for those taking part in the game but also for those donating and investing time and money.

Our role is to continuously strive for improvement and excellence, demonstrating innovation and creativity, adopting an open culture throughout the organisation that makes it normal to discuss things that have gone wrong or need improvement.

Scottish Golf is fully accountable to our public funders for the management and use of funding, demonstrating how we apply it to achieve the purposes for which it is given, providing independently audited accounts available to stakeholders and the public

We are led by a fit-for-purpose elected Board of Non-Executive Directors, with healthy democracy and consultation with our membership base identifying best practice on how we engage with our members and stakeholders.

Finally, we have diversity in our leadership and decision-making with a healthy organisational culture.

Key Governance Documents